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Turning An Ugly Shade Of Red Over An Ugly Opinion Of Color

, , , | Right | September 28, 2018

(I work in a hotel. The delivery man, who dresses in a t-shirt and jeans shorts, comes by early in the morning to deliver some brochures.)

Delivery Man: “Can I use your bathroom?”

Me: “Sure, it’s over there.”

(He disappears, and a customer comes up to the desk a minute later. Note: the customer is an older, white gentleman dressed in an expensive suit. The delivery man is African.)

Customer: “I saw a man in the bathrooms, and he didn’t look like a guest!”

Me: “Who?”

Customer: “He was— That’s him!”

(He points to the delivery man, who is darting out the front doors, waving.)

Me: “Oh, that’s the delivery man. He just needed to use the bathroom, so I let him.”

Customer: “So, he’s not staying here?”

Me: “Well, no—”

Customer: *withering stare*

Me: *flustered* “But, uh, he needed to use the bathroom; you know how it is?”

(The customer turned on his heel, back rigid. Later, he complained to the manager that I was letting in people who obviously weren’t customers, and that they could be burglars! I explained to the manager my side, and he laughed.)

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