This Story Took A Turn

, , , , | Right | September 28, 2018

(I work as a cashier in Connecticut. Part of our job is to bag the purchase as we ring the items up. As usual, I bag up a middle-aged woman’s items and spin the turntable towards her so I can work on the next bag. Her eyes widen in awe.)

Customer: “Whoa… and you can take it off?”

Me: “Yes? You can take your bag whenever you’re ready.”

Customer: “And it spins?! That’s just so cool! I’m visiting from New Jersey and we don’t have these over there! It’s so handy; you can fill bags and spin them around and take them. That’s so cool! Everything is so different here; it’s like a whole different world.”

(She suddenly looks like she’s realized something.)

Customer: “I’m finally going to have to learn how to pump my own gas.”

(The rest of the transaction went normally, but I was in shock that this middle-aged woman had never seen a bagging turner before.)

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