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Trying To Pump Out A Transaction

, , , , | Right | January 26, 2022

I’m ringing up one of our regular customers. She is an older woman who, while normally pleasant, is not very bright.

Regular: “I’d better get $10 in gas.”

Me: “Okay, which pump are you at?”

Regular: “Oh, I’m not at a pump yet. Just put me on, uh… pump three.”

I groan internally; I’ve had multiple times where someone will beat them to the prepaid pump and steal the gas. However, since it isn’t busy, I put the prepay through. As she is leaving:

Regular: “I said pump three, right?”

About five minutes later, I get called back up front; someone at pump four has hit the help button. I go out and, what do you know, it’s our regular, trying to pump the gas from the wrong pump!

Regular: “I prepaid. Why can’t I get the pump to work?”

Me: “Oh, I thought you said pump three! One second, let me move that over for you.”

I tried to move her prepay to pump four, only to get an error message: she’d swiped a card outside. I went outside yet again, reminded her that she had already paid, and went inside and finally got her prepay sorted out.

At least she’s nice, but man, do some people need more patience than others.

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