Took A Wrong Turn And The Rest Is History

| Related | September 24, 2013

(My sisters and I have all taken temp jobs at a fair. Tomorrow, the youngest will be doing a shift by herself, and insists on driving home without direction to make sure she knows the way back. She has reached a point where we are supposed to turn right, and she has made a left turn instead. After a pause to see if she catches her error, the following conversation takes place.)

Me: “Hey [sister], are you sure I can’t say anything about the route?”

Sister: *obstinately* “No, you can’t.”

Me: “Not anything at all?”

Sister: “Fine, you may say something historical about it.”

Me: *noticing a nearby road sign* “Well, we just passed Historic Way.”

Sister: “Oh, really? That’s cool.”

Me: “You know what else?”

Sister: “What?”

Me: “We didn’t pass it on the way up.”

(We soon found a place to turn around and headed the right direction!)

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