The Mother Of All Fears

, | Related | September 23, 2013

(My sister is taking skydiving for the first time. She has a fear of heights that she is trying to overcome. The class is on the plane, which is flying towards the appointed destination.)

Instructor: “Nervous?”

Sister: *quaking* “A little.”

Instructor: “Ah, don’t be. We’ve all been there the first time.”

(The plane reaches the place. The opens the hatch door.)

Instructor: “Alright, you go first.”

Sister: “M-me?”

Instructor: “Yes, you. Look, just think of your parents, like your mother. Just think about how happy she’ll be to see you soon.”

(Our mother has passed away the previous year, but before my sister could say this, the instructor PUSHES her out.)


(Fortunately she was okay, and still with us!)

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