To Snipe, Perchance To Dream

| Romantic | March 2, 2013

(After watching a vampire movie, I have been having weird vampire apocalypse dreams. I am explaining the latest dream to my husband about how we escape the city, form a settlement of survivors and are attacked by the new hostile government.)

Me: “So then I started popping them off with a sniper—”

Husband: “Wait, you had a sniper?”

Me: “Yeah, why?”

Husband: “Well, you have trouble keeping the rifle steady when we go shooting. I just find it funny you had a sniper.”

Me: “Well, it had those little leg things to stabilize it. Wait a sec. So you are saying that the most unbelievable thing about my dream isn’t the vampires or the fact we were destroying a group of trained soldiers. It was the fact that I had a sniper?”

Husband: “Well… yeah.”

Me: “…I love you too, babe.”

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