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This Chocolate Must Be AMAZING

, , , , , | Right | May 14, 2023

I work at a seasonal shop that sells chocolates in one-pound or half-pound bags. The half-pound bags are half the price of the one-pound ones.

One day, a customer comes in and things proceed normally. When I ring him up and expect him to leave, he pulls a very wrinkled-up plastic bag from his pocket and a slip of paper.

There is not a hint of frustration or anger when he speaks.

Customer: “I bought this from you last year. I only got half a pound of chocolates, but I got charged for one pound. Could I get that other half-pound since I paid for it already?”

I get a closer look at the bag and paper he’s holding. The bag indeed is one of our bags for half a pound, as it has our label on it, and I can tell by how wrinkled it is that it has been sitting wadded up somewhere for a long while. The paper he is holding is a receipt for his purchase, dated last year. I’m momentarily stunned by this dedication.

Me: “I… Uh… Yeah, sure. Grab whichever kind you want!”

Customer: “Why, thank you kindly! See you next year!”

I was pleasantly surprised by the respect and politeness shown by someone who was willing to wait a whole year for $5 worth of chocolate. As I wrap up my second year at this job, he is still to this day the ONLY customer I’ve ever seen actually bring something back WITH THE RECEIPT.

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