They’ll Find Something To Complain About Soon Enough

, , , | Right | June 1, 2017

I am working as a server at a fast casual pizza restaurant. You order at the register and go sit anywhere in the restaurant with the number block you are given and food and drinks are brought to you. Two ladies come who are around their 50s-60s.

I bring them their drinks and do my spiel as being their server and whatnot. They keep talking over me so I just think, ‘F*** me, then.’

I come back later with their salads they each ordered which is about 5-8 minutes later.

It’s sorta busy that night so their pizza comes out about ten minutes later. I take it to their table and they have NOT touched their salad due to talking to each other. I name the pizza and leave it at their table and they just keep talking.

I don’t remember the amount of time they kept talking but by the time they finished talking, they realized the pizza was cold.

Another server helps them since I’m doing something else and apparently, they told the manager they wanted another pizza because their pizza came out TOO SOON and that it was cold.

I honestly never thought anyone would complain their food came out TOO SOON. They ended up getting a free pizza and their cold pizza boxed up.

But how entitled do you have to be to complain your food got cold because you were too busy talking?

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