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They Will Return… Happy!

, , , | Right | March 7, 2019

(I work in a store with mostly clothes and a few accessories and toys. On this day I sell a woman a scarf with no problem and she leaves with her daughters. Ten minutes later, she’s back at my register.)

Customer: “Hi. My daughter saw a scarf she liked better, so we’d like to return this.”

(I call my team lead because I don’t have authority to return money. I can process it but I need my lead to swipe their employee ID to finish it.)

Me: *processes return in register* “Next time, you can just do an exchange for the new item, and the other store will get the item back to us.”

(One of my team leads comes and finishes the return and leaves.)

Customer: “I’m sorry, we can just do that, then. I didn’t know we could.”

Me: “Don’t worry; it’s all done. I just wanted to save you time next time.” *asks her to fill out information that’s just company policy for loss prevention*

Customer: “But I didn’t hand you my card?”

Me: “You did not, but I don’t need it.”

Customer: “How did you get my account number?”

Me: “I scanned your original receipt, and the register got the card info from there. It automatically puts it back on.”

(I showed her the new receipt of the return.)

Customer: “This is the best return I’ve ever done!”

(She left in awe of my register because it knew to put the money back on her card.)

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