There’s Going To Be A Heated Discussion In The Morning

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(It is winter, so it gets cold one night. The heater has broken, so the only source of heat is the oven. I know it’s dangerous, but it’s that or freeze. I walk into the living room to get milk, thinking that someone has turned off the oven. The oven is still on, and a sweep of the house confirms that my grandfather and I are the only ones awake, so I walk into his room.)

Me: “Hey, the oven is still on. I’m going to turn it off; it’s warm enough and everyone has like, two blankets a piece.”

Grandfather: “No, no! Your mother said to keep it on; it’s cold.”

Me: “But we’re the only ones awake, and we can’t fall asleep with it on.”

Grandfather: “I’ll get it! I’ll get it!”

Me: “Okay, don’t fall asleep.”

(I drank my milk in the living room, and then headed back to my room, turning off the oven as I went. A check back in my grandfather’s room confirmed that he was asleep. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes.)

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