The “Shocking” Puns Just Write Themselves

, , , , | Learning | April 16, 2019

My father’s science teacher started the semester by telling the class that under no circumstances were students allowed to sleep in class. He didn’t mind if you decided to stare out the window or even get up and stretch your legs for a minute, just so long as you didn’t fall asleep. Several months later, the class found out why.

In the middle of class, he noticed a sleeping student. He broke off from his lecture and went to retrieve something from his desk, announcing, “And now, we’re going to learn about static electricity.”

He pulled out a static-electricity plasma ball, turned it on, and placed it against the sleeping student’s arm. The student didn’t wake up, and the teacher went on for a minute or two about how electricity travels from one object to another, all while the sleeper’s hair slooowly stood on end.

The teacher finished by saying that all that electricity going through the student’s body right then was completely harmless… “Unless, of course, someone were to take something metal like this ruler I’ve got in my hand right now and touch it to his skin like so…

Cue a very loud zap and the student in question jolting awake. The teacher promptly put away the plasma ball and continued with the lesson.


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