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The Jury’s Verdict Is Sealed With A Kiss

, , , , , | Legal | December 25, 2018

(I’ve been asked to cover for a coworker who has been chosen as a juror on a high-profile trial that could last for weeks. She rings in on the second day to say that she will be back to work on the next day.)

Me: “I thought the trial was supposed to be a big one; is it over already?”

Coworker: “No, I was dismissed yesterday. It was so embarrassing.”

Me: “What happened?”

Coworker: “The judge called me up in front of the whole courtroom and gave me a lecture for inappropriate behaviour in public for a juror. The whole courtroom was sniggering at me.”

Me: “What did you do that was so wrong?”

Coworker: “On the first day, [Fiance] came to pick me up outside the courthouse after work, and he gave me a kiss.”

Me: “What’s wrong with that?”

Coworker: “He was dressed in his police uniform; apparently that means I’m a security risk.”

Me: “You didn’t want to be there, anyway.”

Coworker: “Yeah, I know, but it was embarrassing.”

Me: “If I’m ever called up, can I borrow him?”

Coworker: “Sure. Just make sure it’s during the jury selection; you don’t want to be called up in court.”

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