That’s A Lot Of Men Coming Out Of Your Bedroom

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We once lived in a two-storey building, which was actually located in the middle of a bustling city centre, with buildings close by and loads of shops around us. Our flat was distributed along two floors, and below us were the shops. Due to this, it was often very busy around us, and we often had workmen doing stuff on Saturdays in the shops, etc.

One day, the people who had the exact same flat but sort of opposite us had some work done, and their workmen actually had to do it from our balcony, the one in my bedroom, but on the second floor. Meanwhile, my mother had some guests and was entertaining them. The workmen asked, once they jumped from the neighbor’s balcony to mine, if they could come and go through our apartment since that would be way quicker, and I said sure. I went down and told my mom, but she was in the middle of a talk and just said, “Yeah, yeah.”

Ten minutes later, a crew in overalls, who had not come in to our house, came down the steps into the living room. I wish you could have seen my mother’s face, blinking fast, staring, trying to figure out where they came from!

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