Taking Stock Of Their BS

, , , , | Working | October 22, 2018

(I recently bought a new house and have been doing DIY to fix it up. I realise while fixing things in the bathroom that I need a small plastic component that goes inside the toilet cistern, without which it won’t flush properly. As this is quite urgent — it’s the only toilet in the house — I jump straight into my car and go to the local plumbers’ merchant. When I arrive, the gate into the car park is bolted but not locked. Bear in mind that it is two pm on a Friday, and their posted opening hours are until five pm every day. I unbolt the gate and walk into the store. I begin to hunt for the plastic part that I need when I’m accosted by a staff member.)

Employee: “How did you get in? The gate was locked.”

Me: “Well, no, it wasn’t. It was bolted. Aren’t you open?”

Employee: “No. We are doing stock check.”

Me: “Your posted hours say you’re open until five.”

Employee: “Haven’t you ever heard of stock check?”

Me: “Yes, I have.” *taken aback because he’s being so condescending* “It’s just that most shops do it outside of their opening hours. Can I just get this part, please?”

(He grumbled and sold me the part I need. I got out of there quickly. I think they were trying to get off early on a Friday afternoon!)

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