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Some People Are A Constant Waste Of Space

, , , | Right | February 24, 2023

An older gentleman pulls his beat-up pickup truck up to pump number six and walks up to my booth.

Old Guy: “I’m gonna leave his truck there while I go into the store to buy a few things. I’ll only be gone a few minutes.”

Me: “Sir, even if it wasn’t pretty busy, I can’t have your truck blocking a pump while you’re gone; it will hold other customers up.”

Old Guy: “I’m very low on gas, and I’m not sure if it’ll start up again if I move it. I’ll only be gone a couple of minutes.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but if you’re not going to use the pump, I really need you to move your truck, as there are already other customers lining up behind it.”

Old Guy: *Angry* “Didn’t you hear how low on gas I am? I’ll only be gone a couple  of minutes!”

Before I could continue to explain to him why he couldn’t leave his truck there, he walked away toward the store.

I had to go out and tell the customers behind his parked truck that they were going to have to move to a different pump. I put up a yellow “NO PARKING” hobby horse thing so people wouldn’t keep lining up there. Having that one pump out backed traffic up at the other pumps while he was gone.

A couple of minutes went by. Five minutes. Ten minutes.

Finally, the guy walked back with boxes full of groceries. He got to his truck and tried to remove the hobby horse himself, but he picked it up from the middle so it fell apart into three pieces. I went out there to put it back together and carried it back to the booth as he loaded his groceries into his truck. I expected him to get back out to pump the gas that he was supposedly so low on, but instead, he just got in and DROVE AWAY.

He didn’t pump a drop of gas.

Essentially, he just used pump six as a parking space while he grocery shopped.

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