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Shockingly, Pizza Can’t Please Everyone

, , , | Right | October 7, 2018

(I work at a club cafe. We specialize in selling pizza, and most of the time our members buy multiple pizzas. It’s a Sunday and we’re understaffed. I am manning the pizza ovens, which are backed up. A woman comes through the line and orders a whole supreme pizza. I put it in the oven and tell her it’ll be five minutes. Two minutes pass.)

Customer: “Excuse me. Where is my pizza?”

Me: “It’ll be three more minutes, ma’am.”

Customer: *sighs and walks off*

(Due to the large amount of pizzas, it takes five minutes longer than expected.)

Customer: *comes to me, looking furious* “Where is my pizza?! It’s been twenty minutes! I don’t have time for this, you know! This is for a friend! I was supposed to be out of here fifteen minutes ago! I’m late because of you!”

Me: *trying really hard not to tell her it’s only been ten, hands over the box and gives her a smile* “Here you go, ma’am. Have a good day.”

(The customer leaves, and five minutes later comes over and slams the box on the counter. There’s a chewed-up, spit-out piece of pizza on the plate.)

Customer: “It’s raw! Raw! You’re trying to kill me!”

Me: “I am very sorry about that, ma’am. I’ll put another one in the oven for you.”

Customer: “No! You’ve wasted my time as it is! It’ll just take another five more minutes! What’s the next one coming out?!”

Me: “A pepperoni, ma’am. In five minutes.”

Customer: “I’ll take that one.”

(Uh… huh. Well, my head hurt now. I pulled the pizza out for her and cut it, apologized again, and let her on her way. She came back again five minutes later to demand plates and complain about bad customer service.)

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