It’s A Shock She’s Single…

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(My sister has had a nasty break up with her boyfriend. She’s really upset, but doesn’t like a lot of sympathy. I am out shopping at the time, and decide to ask if she wants a treat.)

Me: “Do you want some ice cream? I can come by on the way home.”

Sister: “I swear to god, I will piss over and break your legs!”

Me: “Okay, I know you’re angry, but you don’t have to be so disgusting!”

Sister: “S***! I meant come over.”

(She did get over it pretty quickly, but I kept the ice cream.)

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  • Deadpool

    Auto-correct is the shoe!

  • Kitty

    Why is she so offended by the offer of ice cream? Ice cream does not automatically mean “you can only eat this when you have had a break-up”; it’s just freaking ice cream.

    • Anne

      Maybe she was texting someone else (like the ex) and replied to the wrong message but was too angry to apologize properly? Or maybe sister thought that the ice cream offer was from the ex because she didn’t correctly read who it was from. Doesn’t make it right but it would be slightly more understandable.

      • WonderRabbit

        Nothing in the story to suggest that. It seems pretty obvious she knows who she’s texting and is just an unpleasant person.

    • 4302

      My guess is that OP had been coddling the sister and the sister had had enough of it and saw the offer of ice cream as another unwanted sympathy gesture.

  • BR

    That was completely inappropriate and her being upset is not an excuse. She needs anger management counseling.

    • 4302

      Do you always overreact like that or only when you know next to nothing about the situation and person you’re trying to judge?

      • BR

        Are you really saying, “Threatening to break someone’s legs is perfectly acceptable and you’re judgemental for saying otherwise. Yay violent threats!”

        • 4302

          Essentially yes as I have managed to learn that people are not 100% literal in everything they say and I myself use violent threats and death threats when I’m joking with friends.
          Or do you think everyone who has ever said “break a leg” to an actor also needs anger management counseling?

    • RallyLock

      ORRR she just needs some time to recover from her break-up and get her thoughts back in line?

      • cursormortis

        While I don’t think that’s any sort of excuse, I also don’t think the sister was at all serious. Looking at OP’s reaction, she’s more upset about the possibility of being pissed on than having her legs broken, which makes me wonder if that sort of threat is something of a common joke between those two.

  • MangoAngel

    You mean to say that someone with such a lovely disposition got dumped?? Unbelievable.

  • Bethany Lieflijk

    …Am I the only one who thinks the ‘wrong number’ is even remotely plausible, let alone probable?

    • Jackie Fauxe

      I think she just reacts poorly to anything the sees as pity/sympathy.

  • 4302

    If that was my sister I sure wouldn’t have reacted so pleasantly.