A Family-Friendly Store

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(I overhear this conversation between a mom and a cashier.)

Cashier: “Your two daughters are so beautiful! They’re adorable!”

Mom: “Thanks! One of them is for sale! And they’re buy one, get one free!”

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  • Kalu-chan

    Sounds like a joke my mom would’ve made. One time we were at a zoo in front of the wolf enclosure, and since wolves are my favorite animals, we spent quite a while there. Mom jokingly told another mother “Hey, if we want to get rid of them, we could throw them in there!”. Apparently, the other woman reacted with outrage.

    • Dana Corby

      …which of course made it even funnier.

    • Shauna Mac Siacais Guell

      My dad joked like that about us, and I still do it with the grandkids. Especially the “need any small chores done? You can have some free child labor!” when we’re at a cash register.

      • Cynthia Dalrymple

        That’s what I would tell the parents when their kids wandered behind my service desk at work while they coaxed them out: “it’s ok, we’ll just put them to work. They can sleep in receiving.”

  • Deadpool

    Well, our store forbids us from buying them, however we can accept them in lieu of payment.

  • Nancy Marshall

    Sounds like Mom had had a bad day with those 2. Hope the girls were old enough to appreciate the “joke”.

    • Shauna Mac Siacais Guell

      I don’t know why, but I’m picturing the girls as a pair of toddler twins.

      • datawog

        Me too, actually.

  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    Anytime someone complimented me or my sister in public, my father would always ask them if they wanted to take us with them.

  • Dana Corby

    Sounds like something my mother would have said. Wicked sense of humor.

  • Glowworm

    I like this mom’s sense of humor.