She Likes Turtles!

, , , | Hopeless | November 15, 2016

I’d just moved into a set of apartments for the first time, and I don’t know any of my neighbors. I come home from a long and tiring day of work one evening and venture out on the commons to throw something in a trash can there.

Quite abruptly, a small child comes rocketing across the grass and flings her arms around my legs, beaming up at me.

I didn’t know this kid from Adam, but she chattered sweetly to me about her plastic turtle until I went back inside.

A few days ago I went out on the commons again and found the same toddler there with her family. She charged up to me and declared, “Hey! I didn’t give you a hug this morning!”

I still don’t know any other neighbors, but that toddler’s friendliness made my day.

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