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Send In The Clowns, Part 2

, , , | Right | June 1, 2008

Me: “Hi! I’m calling today looking for sponsorships for less fortunate children to attend the annual circus.”

Person: “Oh, that sounds wonderful.”

Me: “Would you like to sponsor a child this year?”

Person: “Will there be clowns?”

Me: “Yes, I believe there will be a few clowns.”

Person: “What kind?”

Me: “I’m… sorry?”

Person: “Are they the good ones?”

Me: “They are professionals, so I believe they will be quite good.”

Person “Do children like them?”

Me: “Yes…”

Person: *in a hushed voice* “I carry a picture of that scary clown in my pocket. I don’t like scary clowns.”

Me: “Scary clown?”

Person: “… from the movie. I bought it so I could have a picture of the scary clown. I have nightmares about it.”

Me: “Ummm… that’s horrible. I’m sorry for bringing up such an awful memory. I will just let you go, then.”

Person: “No, I want to help. Kids like that kind of thing. What do I have to do?”

Me: “Well, we will send you a sponsorship packet in the mail. It will have an invoice. You just have to send in payment.”

Person: “Will there be clowns?”

Me: “At the circus?”

Person: “No, I mean will you make sure that they don’t send any clowns in that paper?”

Me: “Yes, I will make sure that you do not get sent any clowns…”

(Ironically, I found out after hanging up that the sponsorship packet has a large picture of a clown on the envelope.)

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