Seeing Red Over The Color Blue

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Mom: “I’ve just bought all new mats and towels for the bathroom. I’ve got red since it’s my favourite colour.”

Me: “What? Since when has red been your favourite colour? I thought it was blue.”

Mom: “It’s always been red; I love red.”

Me: “Nothing else you own is red.”

My husband and three-year-old walk in.

Me: “Son, what is Nanny’s favourite colour?”

Three-Year-Old: “Nanny loves blue!”

Husband: “Yeah, it’s blue. Why?”

Me: “She says it’s red!”

Husband: *Laughs* “It’s blue. That’s why your living room is blue, the downstairs toilet is blue, the sofas are blue, and your car is blue.”

Mom: *Getting angry* “No, it’s red. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I send a quick text to my brother asking his opinion.

Me: “[Brother] just sent me one word: blue.”

Mom: “You are all wrong. You are all wrong!”

She grabs the phone and calls her partner on speaker.

Mom: “What is my favourite colour? This lot has it wrong.”

Partner: “It’s blue, isn’t it? You always choose blue.”

Mom: “It’s red! Why don’t you know this?!”

Me: “Mom, every single important person in your life thinks your favourite colour is blue. Trust us; it’s blue.”

It’s been over a year since this happened and my son still colours everything blue for her and tells her it’s her favourite colour when he hands it over.

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