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Scam For One

, , , , | Right | January 19, 2022

My train home is cancelled, so I decide to grab some food while I wait for the next one. I find a nice-looking Chinese place and walk in.

Server: “Table for two?”

Me: “Huh?”

I look back and a woman also on her own is stood there.

Me: “Oh, no, just for one.”

Server: *To the woman* “Are you for one, too?”

Woman: “Oh, yes. Table for one, as well, please.”

Server: “Okay, I seat you together.”

She doesn’t wait for an answer and strides off, wanting us to follow. We sit and order separately. While it’s awkward at first, I strike up a conversation and we actually have a good time. She finishes her food and leaves as the bill comes.

Me: “Oh, sorry. There has been some mistake. I didn’t order this; the woman who was sitting there ordered that.”

Waitress: “Are you not together? I saw you talking?”

Me: “No, we ordered separately and don’t know each other.”

Waitress: “Oh, no! Sorry, I will be right back.”

She rushes off and speaks to someone who disappears out the door. She comes back to me with the new bill.

Waitress: “Sorry about that — some miscommunication. Could you check that this is right for me, please?”

It was, and I paid. I grabbed my coat and headed out. I saw the woman walking back to the restaurant with the server from earlier. They were arguing furiously. She saw me and swore at me but was told to go inside and pay. I’m not sure if she was trying to scam me or if she somehow believed she was entitled to free food, but it didn’t work this time.

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