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Save A Parking Space For Some Justice

, , , | Right | August 4, 2021

I work at a hotel. It’s high-end, so we often take the approach of just appeasing guests no matter what. I frequently have to bite my tongue. However, we have a very desirable parking lot, and when people poach it, we boot them. I love enforcing this because I don’t have to bite my tongue or apologize, as they aren’t guests.

A young woman parks and walks to the neighboring hotel. Our general manager happens to be in the lot.

General Manager: “Hey, just FYI, this is parking for [Our Hotel], not [Neighboring Hotel].”

She simply flips him off and walks into the neighboring hotel. The manager calls me and tells me what happened. I giggle, grab the boot, and slap it on her car. She comes back screaming and ranting.

Me: “The cost to remove it is $200.”

She calls the police. The police simply ask:

Police: “Is this a private lot?”

Woman: “Yes.”

Police: “Okay, then pay them.”

She refuses to pay and storms off. I get a call requesting the manager. I speak with the caller; it’s the woman’s mom.

Woman’s Mother: “Oh, my daughter didn’t know. She was there for a job interview!”

I let her go on, and when she finally stops making excuses, I tell her:

Me: “Your daughter flipped off the general manager. The boot is not coming off without payment.”

She hung up. The daughter came back and silently handed me the money, with a look of rage on her face. I’ve never been so internally giggly before.

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