Receipt, Repeat, Reheat

, , , , | Working | September 5, 2018

(Whenever I eat out at a fast food place, I always make sure to get my receipt so I can verify my order, in addition to recording expenses for my budget. This time, at a burger joint, the worker neglects to offer it to me.)

Me: “Ma’am, could I please have a copy of my receipt?”

(The worker glares at me for a moment, before jabbing at the register and then thrusting the receipt at me. I take it and wait for my meal. When it gets called, I check, and realize that they didn’t put any fries in the bag.)

Me: “Ma’am, my fries are missing.”

Worker: *very sarcastically* “Did you order fries?”

Me: *holding up my receipt, pointing at the fries line* “Yes. Right here.”

(Again, the worker glared at me for several moments, before stomping over to the warmer, sloppily filling up a carton of fries, then coming and shoving it at me. At that point, I needed to leave, so I didn’t have time to lodge a complaint, but really, lady, you are entirely the reason why I feel the need to ask for a copy of my receipt in the first place.)


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