Playing Gaaaaaaaames

| CA, USA | Friendly | August 17, 2015

(I’m with thirty people playing a game similar to “Heads Up, Seven Up” where during the night a werewolf kills someone and during the day the villagers have to lynch someone. Villagers win if they lynch the werewolf. Werewolf wins if there are equal amounts werewolves to villagers. However, this means you end up with a lot of dead people who are out of play, unable to participate but getting to see who the werewolves are. The host is explaining proper dead person etiquette.)

Host: “So when you die, you can’t cheat and point out the werewolves. All you can say is braaaaiiiins, because you’re zombies.”

Me: *raises hand* “What if your villager is a vegetarian ? Can you say graaaiiinnsss?”

Player #1: “I’m gluten-intolerant… but maybe I work for the railroad. Can I say traaaiinnnsss?”

Player #2: “What if my villager is OCD? I mean, all that blood after I get murdered by a werewolf? Can I say stttaaiinnnsss?”

Player #3: “[Player #2], I’ll wash your clothes with some Gaaaiinnnnn.”

Host: “…I hate you all.”

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