Party Of Five

| Working | March 22, 2014

(I am 11 years old and ‘shopping’ (i.e. looking round) with four friends. It’s a very hot day so we decide to pool our money and get a milkshake to share.)

Me: “Can we have a vanilla milkshake please? And, um, five straws?”

Barista: “Okay! ”

(The barista makes our milkshake… then another one… and another… until there are five. My friends and I fidget nervously, thinking she misheard us.)

Me: “Umm… actually we asked for—”

Barista: *interrupts* “That’s [price for one milkshake], please!”

Me: “I- um- oh! Okay! Thank you so much!”

Barista: “You’re welcome! That’s my good deed for the day!”

(It was only a small thing but I’ll never forget the day we got five milkshakes for the price of one!)

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