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Does Not Compute

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(I work in the wardrobe department of a casino. My coworker is very lazy and spends all her time on the computer surfing the web and chatting. My other coworker has had enough and reports her. The lazy coworker is called into our boss’s office.)

Coworker: “Ugh! I can’t believe that just happened!”

Me: “What happened?”

Coworker: “[Boss] just wrote me up for using the company’s computer for personal use on the clock! Can you believe that?!”

Me: “Well, you’re not supposed to. That’s why they monitor the computer activities.”

Coworker: *rolls eyes* “DUH! I know that! My boyfriend is a computer tech.”

Me: “So why didn’t you just do your job and stay off the Internet?”

Coworker: *doesn’t hear me* “I am just so upset that I can’t work the rest of the day.”

(She whipped out her phone and stayed on it for the rest of her shift — which was six hours.)

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