Parking This Software Query

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(I’m working as a programmer for a company which provides softwares to hospsoftwaremanage ambulances and patient trips between rooms. I sometimes have to answer the phone to help some nurse or manager to use our product.)

Me: “[Company], hello!”

Guy: “Hello. I’m calling because some ambulances are blocked at the moment. Can you do something?”

Me: “Huh?” *not sure of what he is talking about* “Okay, tell me again what hospital you are calling from, and I will connect on your server to try to see the problem.”

Guy: “[Hospital]!” *clearly pissed that I’m not a mind reader of some sort* “But quickly! We have other s*** to do!”

Me: *as I’m starting to open the connection, still trying to figure out what is going on* “Yes, I’ll try, sir. So, on what part of our software are the ambulances not usable?”

(We have several.)

Guy: “What?”

Me: *more slowly and loudly* “On what part of our software are the ambulances not usable? [Software #1]? [ Software #2]?”

Guy: “On the parking!”

Me: *stopping everything* “What?”

Guy: “On the parking! There are a s***-ton of cars parked all over the place and the ambulances can’t get through!”

Me: “Sir, you are at the wrong number; you are calling a helpline for [Main Software name].”

Guy: “Huh?!”

Me: “The software the hospital is using to manage your work with the ambulances.”

Guy: “So? You can help me!”

Me: “I’m afraid not. I repeat: I think you have the wrong number. I have nothing to do with parking management.”

Guy: “But I have a sign in my vehicle that said, “If there is any problem, call [my company phone number]!”

Me: “Yes, computer problems! I am not sure how this sign ended up in your vehicle, but I am not in the hospital. I am not even near [City], so I certainly can’t help you from here. You should calm down and try to reach someone from the hospital itself.”

Guy: “I’m CALM! F*** YOU, B****!” *click*

Me: *sigh* “Good day to you, too.”

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