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Not On His Best Bee-Hive-iour

| Related | September 22, 2013

(My dad is visiting from California, and we’ve gone to a well-known coffee shop to chat. Dad absolutely hates waiting in lines, so he finds us a table while I order each of us a large coffee and a danish.)

Dad: “What’s that?”

Me: “What does it look like? It’s a danish.”

Dad: “What’s on it?”

Me: *taking a bite* “Cherries and honey and icing.”

Dad: “Honey? Blecchh!”

Me: “Since when don’t you like honey?”

Dad: “Since I found out what it really is!”

Me: “Yeah?”


(Everyone in the shop turns and stares at us.)

Me: “Y’know, I just remembered why I didn’t want to move to California with you.”


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