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23 Stories About Bees For World Bee Day!

| Right | May 20, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is world bee day! We know that they can sting, and you don’t always want them at your picnic, but without these feisty little pollinators, none of us would bee here (sorry)! So to recognize the most important animals on the planet, celebrate world bee day, we have gathered 23 bee-themed stories from our arc-hives (sorry, again) for you to enjoy over some honey!

No Brains And The Bees – People like this are who plastic plants are for.

Not On Their Best Bee-hive-ior  – You’ve got a friend in bee!

Emergency Disservice – For a bee, every day is a labor day!

This Movie Is The Bee’s Knees – The only good scene in that movie.

They Can’t Bee Serious – Can bees be free-range?

My Friends And Other Animals – Bees own the ‘bzz bzz’ sound and all uses of it in media mean the queen bee gets royalties.

Not Sure If He Is Bee-ing Serious – Don’t kill bees! They are endangered! But as things go this story is pretty sweet.

Bee Reasonable! – Bees hate Karens as much as the rest of us, it seems.

Has You Running Around Like Busy Little Bees – Why can’t you just let it bee free?!

More Truth Than She’ll Ever Know – This is the truth, and the truth stings.

Teaching Them About The Honey And The Bees – As opposed to the honey that comes from cows.

Honey Worms And Silk Bees – Next time you decide to wear a honey shirt, we really want to see a picture.

Don’t Give Bees The Finger  – That’s what you get for being rude to the bees.

Weird Bee-havior  – Even in her sleep she knows how important bees are.

Her Care For You Is Not The Bee’s Knees – Look, if the bees like it, then it stays!

There Better Bee An Explanation – Wait… just… what?

Bees Full Of Kryptonite – Some parents think their kids are allergic to everything, and others nothing. There should bee a middle ground!

Not On His Best Bee-Hive-iour – Ignorance tastes gross.

The Wax Is Waning – Totally worth it.

Bumbling For A Name – The balls and the bees…

Graded A Bee Plus – Bees can spark the imagination – so please don’t kill either!

A Sting To The Flavor – Maybe they meant honey mustard?

Dad Is The Bee’s Knees – And finally, this story does not actually contain bees, but we couldn’t help but enjoy the pun.


We hope you enjoyed our buzzing round up, and we’re sorry for all the puns. Got your own story to share, let us know here!

Stay safe, and smell the flowers everyone!

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