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Not In The Same Camp

| Friendly | August 20, 2014

(At the time I am living with two guy friends. They plan a camping weekend and are packing a car with all the normal camping gear when I look up from my computer to see one of them walk past with his small TV, his DVD player, & some DVDs.)

Me: “Dude, what the h***? Why are you taking those?”

Roommate: “Oh, just in case we get bored.”

Me: “Seriously? You go camping to get away from this shit. Take a book or something.”

Roommate: “But I hate reading.”

Me: “Whatever.” *goes back to my computer*

(They left for their camping trip only to arrive back home about four hours later because the camp-site got rained out and my roommate refused to stay because they couldn’t set up the generator.)

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