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Not An Ounce Of Common Sense

, , , | Right | April 23, 2020

I manage a popular Tex-Mex fast food restaurant which recently began serving fries again. This exchange happens during our dinner rush.

Me: “Thank you for choosing [Fast Food Place]. How are you tonight?”

Customer: “Can I get a large order of your fries?”

Me: “Sure, ma’am, but our fries only come in one size unless you want a platter. Is this okay?”

Customer: “Well, how many come in it?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: *Louder this time* “How many fries come in the order?”

Me: “Umm, well, it’s a four-ounce serving.”

Customer: “But how many fries?”

Sometimes I’m not sure exactly how to answer people.

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