No Point In Waffling On About It

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My family has a routine every Christmas where we get all sides of the family together and do a sort of gift exchange. Basically, everybody brings one gift with no tags (so, no “To” or “From”), and we put it in a pile. Then, we play a game to shuffle them around, slowly unveiling gifts. I have brought a hybrid waffle iron/sandwich press for the bundle, and it’s now wrapped up and in the pile.

We go through our game, and people start getting their gifts and opening them. Finally I’m the last person to get a gift, and I look down and start laughing. At first, nobody seems to get it, until my parents see my distinguishable wrapping in my hands and join me in laughing.

I had gotten my own gift from the bundle.

After I explained this the entire family had a good laugh about it. It has been a well-used appliance in our house, so definitely worth it!

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