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Never Stop Learning… And Moaning

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(When we are still at school, my dad is a member of the Belgian equivalent of the PTA in all of our schools. He also joins the national organization and works together with some of them in the neighbouring countries. Even now, he is part of some teacher/parent associations as an independent and neutral member. This is just to say he knows schools. He also believes in life-long learning, so at the age of 74, he enrolls in a sewing class.)

Me: “Hi, Dad. Just checking, how was school?”

Dad: *flies into a rant about teacher*

Me: “Dad, you know about schools. You know how teachers are. In class, you do as the teacher tells you; at home, you can do as you like.”

Dad: “But it is ridiculous.”

Me: “Yes, Dad, I know, but she is the teacher and you need to do as she tells you.”

Dad: “Even when…”

Me: *interrupting and very patiently* “Yes, Dad, even when you don’t see it her way.” *pause* “Wait. Didn’t we have this conversation the other way round when I was fifteen or so?”

Dad: *sighs* “I guess that is the toll of parenting: getting your own advice served back to you.”

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