I Need You To Make The Internet Work Better!

, , , | Right | January 26, 2018

Me: “Hello, and thank you for calling [Business]. This is [My Name], in [City]. With whom am I speaking today?”

Customer: “I am trying to log in to my account with you people and it will not let me. I just need to read my emails.”

Me: “Okay, are you already at [Company].ca?”

Customer: “Yes, and I have been trying for hours. This is just so frustrating! This needs to be more user-friendly for people.”

Me: “I apologize, sir, but I will walk you through this. Now, do you see up along the top where is says, ‘support,’ ‘sales,’ ‘customer,’ ‘community,’ and ‘webmail’? It’s along the very top in the white bar.”

Customer: “No, I don’t see any of this.”

Me: “Okay, what do you see?”

Customer: “Well, I see the Google symbol up in the left hand corner, the search bar, and a bunch of blue writing below.”

Me: “Sir, you are on the Google search page, not our website.”

Customer: *raises voice* “Well, I typed your company name in the top white bar, so this has to be your website! You know, if you’re going to provide the Internet to someone, you should make sure it works properly so we can search easier! I think I am just going to cancel your services and switch to [Competitor]!” *hangs up*

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