Mothers Say, “No,” But Can’t Hear, “No”

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(My mom recently mentioned that she and my dad would love to spend time with me and my new boyfriend. I’m totally fine with that, especially because they’ve known him for years — since we were just friends — and absolutely love him. There’s just one problem: my parents live in another country, 4,000 miles away. This means asking my boyfriend of three months to take a nine-hour flight with me, and even though the trip wouldn’t be until July — it’s currently March — it’s a really intense invitation three months into the relationship! I’ve been hesitant, but today I am video-calling my mom. She’s a very direct and a very excitable person, so this is how the conversation starts.)

Mom: “You and [Boyfriend] should come to visit.”

Me: “Umm…” *changes topic*

(A few minutes later:)

Mom: “Look at the furniture!” *turns the camera around*

Me: “Wow! I love your new house; it’s beautiful! I’m really excited to see it at some point!”

Mom: “See? You and [Boyfriend] should come to visit!”

Me: “Subtle, Mom. You really worked that into the conversation well.”

Mom: *giggles* “I know… So, are you coming to visit!?”

Me: “Mom!”

(Eventually, I said yes. If we’re still together in five months, we’re traveling to Miami to see them.)

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