Mom’s Good Friend Lazarus

, , , | Related | April 3, 2018

(During one of our weekly phone calls, my mom tells me about various friends of hers who have bad health situations. I don’t know every person she is talking about, but it’s sobering news, anyway. Then, she tells me that a family friend died, and I’m speechless. My mom and I have another phone conversation several days later.)

Mom: “I really need to get back in contact with [Family Friend]. The last time we talked on the phone was–“

Me: “Wait, wait. You’re trying to call [Family Friend]?”

Mom: “Yes?”

Me: “You told me last week that she passed away!”

Mom: *pause* “Did I really say that?”

Me: Yes! I just heard about her cancer last month, so I was really surprised when you said she already passed.”

Mom: “Oh. Well, I’m sorry for the misinformation. She’s resurrected now.”

(It turns out a different person had passed away. With so much bad news flying around, it seems she mixed up the names… but what a mix-up!)

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