Mommy’s Little Driver

, , , | Right | February 14, 2019

(I work in billing for a car rental company and get a lot of outrageous customers. A customer is supposed to return the rental car on a specific date, and conveniently it is stolen on the same day. They are complaining that they were charged a fee for the car being stolen.)

Customer: “I don’t want to pay this fee, and I want you to refund it.”

Me: “I can’t do that, because while the car is in your possession, it is your responsibility to make sure nothing happens to it, and since it was stolen, you need to pay the fee.”

(Keep in mind this customer is in their mid-fifties.)

Customer: “This is outrageous! Wait until I tell my mom!”

Me: *long pause* “Did you just say you’re going to tell your mom?”

Customer: *ignores me and proceeds to complain for a few more minutes, then gives up and hangs up*

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