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We’re Glad It’s Just The Baby Seat And Not Its Occupant

, , , , | Right | August 31, 2021

The dealership I work at offers free rental cars when customers are getting their cars serviced and it will be a while before their cars are ready. We always ask if they got everything out of the car when they drop it off, but sometimes little things — mostly parking passes and EZ passes — get left behind. It’s nothing a phone call can’t fix.

One day, a guy drops a rental car off and picks his car up. A coworker goes out to do a quick sweep of the car and comes back with a car seat and some swim goggles.

Coworker: “How do you leave a car seat behind?”

Me: “He did not! I have no idea.”

Coworker: “Yeah.”

My coworker calls the guy and he comes by about half an hour later to pick them up.

Customer: “Thank you. I don’t know how I left the seat behind. The goggles aren’t mine, but I’ll take them anyway.”

After he leaves, we give the car over to our cleaning department to have it vacuumed and disinfected. The next day, one of the cleaners brings me the keys along with a pouch that has a bank logo on it. I glance inside and see a bunch of papers. The customer’s name is on the papers, so I give him a quick call.

Me: “Hi, Mr. [Customer]?”

Customer: “Yes?”

Me: “It’s [My Name] from [Dealership].”

Customer: “Let me guess, you found a [Bank] bag.”

Me: “Yes. The cleaner said it was under a seat.”

Customer: “I’ll be over in about half an hour.”

Thankfully, the guy didn’t have to come back a third time to pick up something else.

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This Complaint Really Crashed And Burned

, , , | Right | CREDIT: metabolt4e | August 26, 2021

I get calls like this all the time from people that received a traffic fine and are mad at the car rental company. One dude calls us and starts complaining about the rental company.

Customer: “You’re a terrible company! You’re trying to scam me for damages on a vehicle!”

I pull up his case and I see his rental. Turns out he’s in his seventies and apparently a terrible driver. I see that he took the car, went down a little one-way street, turned into a street with prohibited entry, continued driving around, and ended up crashing the car by slamming into a giant column holding up the city council building.

Now, he’s being charged for damages on the vehicle, he’s been blacklisted at the company for driving recklessly and causing a scene, and he’s obviously being fined and possibly sued by the city for driving like that.

I start to explain to him that he is responsible for damage to the car.

Customer: “None of what happened is my fault. You didn’t explain the traffic laws to me!”

I’m sorry, but WHAT?! The audacity! How are the traffic laws relevant to the fact that this man crashed into a whole building?! This is a man in his seventies that has been presumably driving for his entire life.

Me: “Sir, you crashed the car.”

Customer: “It’s your fault for not explicitly telling me that entry was prohibited in that street. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone there and crashed the car.”

First of all, people are not your personal GPS. Second, the staff is not psychic to know which street you’re going to go down. Third, there are street signs for this. And fourth, if I enter a street I’m not supposed to enter, I try and get out of there and NOT crash my car into a government building.

I tried explaining this to him. He still insisted it was our fault for not explaining in detail which streets he can drive on.

Me: “Sir, if you have a driver’s license, you should know how to drive.”

And I hung up.

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​​When A Wong Makes A White

, , , , | Right | August 18, 2021

I am writing out two distinct forms for two different families looking to borrow vehicles for road trips. As it is the start of the summer, many families tend to come in on one day. The two vehicles in question are very similar in color and make, so it becomes difficult to tell them apart. I have just spent a few minutes with the heads of said families at the desk as I work out who is borrowing which vehicle, complete with mixing up the keys.

Me: *Addressing [Customer #1]* “So, the one you wanted is the [1986 Make], not the [1988 Make]?”

Customer #1: *Laughing in relief* “Yes, that’s the right one!”

Me: “Finally! Well, I hope you are both sorted. I just have to record that the [1986 Make] is the right one!”

Both [Customer #1] and [Customer #2] walk off in different directions. As I write their surnames onto pictures of the particular vehicles, [Customer #3] comes up.

Me: “Can I help you, sir?”

Customer #3: *In a calm voice* “How dare you?”

Me: *Confused* “How dare I… what?”

Customer #3: “You know very well, you racist b****!”

He snatches up the photographs and the documentation paperclipped to them as I try to stop him. He approaches [Customer #2]. I start to worry that he might have personal information, so I get up out of my seat to follow him.

Customer #3: *To [Customer #2]* “I am sorry about what this woman has written here.”

Customer #2: *Trying to work out the problem* “What has she written?”

Customer #3: “That racist taunt at the top of the paper! See?”

He almost shoves it in the other customer’s face. I suddenly realize what conclusion [Customer #3] has jumped to. [Customer #1] and his family were a white family with the surname “White,” and [Customer #2] and his family are Chinese and have the surname “Wong.”

Me: “I—”

Customer #3: “No, listen to me! You can not call your customers that! I heard you when you told that other family you’d give them the ‘right’ car!” *To [Customer #2]* “I am very sorry for this woman and if you want me to do so, I will get the manager on your behalf.”

Customer #2: “My name is Wong. [Customer #2] Wong. And my family is waiting outside.”

[Customer #3] went very red. He shoved the papers back at me and stormed out of the building.

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Mr. Grumpy Drives To Town

, , , | Right | August 14, 2021

Our city is having a huge event and so every car-rental agency is having long check-in lines. I hear a commotion at the company next to us; a gentleman comes over to us and I get him.

Customer: *Ranting and raving.* “Next door doesn’t have my minivan that I booked!”

Me: “We actually had a handful.”

Customer: “How much?!”

Me: “It’s [rate].”

Customer: *Ranting and angry.* “That’s higher than my booking! That’s an expensive rate! Why can’t you match my booking rate next door! It’s so stupid that–”

Me: *Interrupted his tirade.* “Sir, if Mr. Grumpy doesn’t become Mr. Happy right now, Mr. Grumpy isn’t gonna get a van from us today either!”

He stops, looks at me, looks next door, then apologizes for his rant and his tone remains calm for the transaction. He apologizes again and again for his attitude.

I told him to book with us in the future!

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If I’m Lyin’, My Son Is Dyin’

, , | Right | CREDIT: HenriquesDumbCousin | August 11, 2021

I work for a car rental company as an escalation agent. Basically, when a customer demands a supervisor, I take the call.

Customer: “I was going to cancel this reservation, and much to my surprise, when I clicked the cancel button, it said that I was going to be charged a fee.”

Me: “Can you please tell me why you’re cancelling the reservation?”

Customer: “I was going to take my son to a soccer tournament, so I paid for this rental, but another parent offered to take us to the tournament, so I don’t need the vehicle anymore.”

Me: “Is there a possibility that instead of cancelling the reservation, we could reschedule it for another location or time?”

Customer: “I would, but I don’t travel too often.”

Me: “I do apologize, ma’am, but if I were to cancel the reservation, there would be a cancellation fee.”

Customer: “But your agent never said there would be a cancellation fee. I specifically asked if I could cancel at any time and he said yes.”

Statements like that make me think that the customer isn’t being honest. She insists that she made all the “necessary” questions and that the agent never warned her about the consequences of cancelling the reservation.

Me: “I’m truly sorry, but my hands are tied.”

Customer: “Your hands aren’t tied. I’ve worked for customer service for like a million years. Well, maybe not that long, but I know you can do something about the fee.”

Me: “Uhhh…”

Customer: “I used to work for Customer Service in [Rival Rental Car Company].”

Me: “Different company, different policies, ma’am.”

Customer: “Yeah, but your hands aren’t tied. I could say that my son just died and you’d have to give me my refund.”

I’m unable to believe what this woman just told me.

Me: “If that was the case, I’d require you to send a death certificate, ma’am.”

The customer laughs in disbelief.

Customer: “Oh, my God… What’s the number for corporate?”

I give her the number.

Customer: “Thank you, goodbye.” *Hangs up*

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