Maybe It Will Burst Into Flames Like In “The Hunger Games”

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(My sister is getting married, and since she’s the first of my siblings and cousins to get married, everyone in my family is going all-out to help. My aunt is making the cake, my dad and uncles are setting up the venue, my mom made the invitations and is organizing RSVPs, our other sister is doing the flowers, and I’m making her dress — all things she asked us to do. My sister is… difficult sometimes, and while not quite a bridezilla, she complains a lot about what we’ve done, even though we’re following her instructions to the letter and she insists it’s, “fine, I guess,” and then refuses to elaborate when we ask if there’s anything we should change or do over. All in all, she’s being really passive-aggressive while we’re all busting our butts to help her and keep the cost low, and I’m getting sick of it. It comes to a boil at the bachelorette party, where I hear her talking to one of her friends about how difficult and unhelpful everyone in the family is being, and how her friend should just hire professionals for her wedding. After taking time off work, traveling across the country, working for a week straight, and being told everything is fine and we don’t need to change anything, this is infuriating, and I’m in a foul mood when we get back. To avoid snapping at anyone, I go upstairs to do the last bit of tailoring on the wedding dress and text my boyfriend.)

Me: “Sister is driving me crazy. She’s unhappy with what we’re doing, but she won’t tell us what we’re doing wrong, and then she complains when it isn’t how she wants it. I can’t wait until this is over. I’m finishing the dress now, and screw made with love; she’s getting a dress made with rage and frustration.”

Boyfriend: “That sucks and I’m sorry you’re angry… but I have to say, a dress made of rage sounds pretty bad-a**!”

(It gave me a laugh when I badly needed one, and [Boyfriend] did a good job of keeping me sane when he arrived the next day. Whether she was happy with it or not, the wedding did happen, and I now have a completely awesome brother-in-law to make up for my sister’s shortcomings!)

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