You Made A Gross(ery) Error

, , , , | Working | December 15, 2017

(I am standing in line at the checkout behind a mother with a daughter of about three and an infant in a sling. The older child is “helping” to put groceries on the belt, but due to her small stature, a lot of them land on the floor. I pick them up for her because it is obviously difficult for her to bend over, and she thanks me pleasantly each time. After about the fifth item to hit the floor, the cashier at the next register starts to scold the child, calling her a brat. That’s when momma bear mode kicks in.)

Mom: *to Cashier* “Stop talking and walk away.”

Cashier: “But—”

Mom: “No. Listen to me. I just got out of the hospital after a very difficult labor. I’m restocking my groceries and my daughter is trying to be helpful.”

Cashier: *stammers*

Mom: “NO! I SAID STOP TALKING AND WALK AWAY. If you open your mouth one more time, I will take that as a verbal agreement that you are granting me permission to punch you in the face as hard as I possibly can.”

Cashier: *stammers*

Mom: “I SAID SHUT IT, AND WALK AWAY! I just had a person come out of my body. My tolerance for pain is through the roof! Do. Not. F***. With. Me or my kids!”

Me: “Would you like me to hold your baby for you before you start swinging?”

(The cashier turned bright red and walked away without another word. The mother burst out half laughing and half crying. I helped her out to her car and loaded up her groceries. She thanked me profusely the whole time. Her daughter and my daughter have a play date scheduled for next week.)

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