Listless Tech Support

| Working | February 3, 2014

(A system update has been pushed to my cell phone. After sorting out a minor issue with tech support, I ask if they have a list of changes between the previous and current system versions.)

Tech Support: “I would like to inform you that we can change few limited settings.”

Me: “I’m not asking about settings, I am asking for a run-down of what changed from previous versions to 4.3!”

Tech Support: “I am sorry to inform you that there is no option to change the default features of the updated firmware.”

Me: “Did you stop reading what I am typing?”

Tech Support: “I do understand your concern. But there is no option to change from previous version.”

Me: “I didn’t ask about changing anything! I want a LIST, of WHAT IS DIFFERENT, IN THE NEW VERSION!”

Tech Support: “Let me provide you with the list.”

Me: “These things are much clearer if you read ALL the words.”

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