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Getting Involved In The Family Business

| Working | February 4, 2014

(I’m starting training at my third new job in a year. My previous two were waiting at two other restaurants that closed because the owners would bend over backwards to make customers happy and just throw money out the window. At my new job, there’s a plaque with a quote from the owner with his name on it, but no pictures of him. As I’m training I notice a customer who has just come in, who is a guy who always says he’s a relative of the owner.)

Customer: “Hey, guys! Man, [Owner] must be glad [Restaurant I used to work at] finally closed. More business for him!”

Trainer: “[Owner] always says that he loves when there are more restaurants. He’d rather people come because of his food, not because there’s no where else to go.”

Customer: “Yeah, that’s my brother for you. Always a competitor.”

(I look at the trainer confused because I had just met the owner and they were not even the same race.)

Trainer: “Oh! You’re [Owner]’s brother? Let me get him! *yells into the back* “HEY, [OWNER], YOUR BROTHER’S HERE!”

(Again I am confused, as the owner had told us he was leaving as I started training. From the back I can hear some incoherent yelling.)

Trainer: “Which brother are you?”

Customer: “His older brother.”

(As the trainer continues yelling his answers back, I suddenly realize that the cook is yelling back as the owner… and they’ve got something planned.)

Trainer: “He says ‘of course you’re my older brother dumba**, I’m the youngest. Which one?'”

Customer: *sighs dramatically* “He’s always like this. The oldest one.”

(Suddenly the cook sounds very angry as he yells.)

Trainer: “He says to get the f*** out and don’t come back until you pay him back the thousands you already owe him. And if you try this again he’ll personally come kick you in the balls.”

(The customer begins throwing a huge fit about being the owner’s brother, and the cook comes and throws him out!)

Me: “OH MY GOSH! Aren’t you guys going to get in trouble for that?!”

Trainer: “Nah… it’s a known fact that the owner hates his family and would rather charge them double than give them a free meal. His rule is do whatever we have to and get them out of here because he’d be far less kind.”

(When I asked the owner later, he told me it was true! I think I’m going to love working here.)

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