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Life Is A Game To Them

| Friendly | April 21, 2015

(I pick up a PS3 from my local game store. Two teens follow me out. At first, I don’t believe they’re following me, but they keep whispering to each other and looking at me with smirks on their faces. I ignore them and turn into a crowded shop. They don’t follow. I soon forget about them as I finish my shopping, and start to walk out. They’re waiting for me there.)

Punk #1: “Hey!”

Me: “Yeah?”

Punk #2: “What’s in the bag?”

Me: “I don’t see how that’s any of your business.”

Punk #2: “Is it an Xbox? Or a Playstation?”

(I start to walk off again, but they block my way.)

Punk #1: “Wow, I want a Playstation.”

Me: “Then get a job and buy it, like I did.”

Punk #2: “Yeah, right, you live with your parents.”

Me: “Nope, I’m not you.”

(I walk past them, as they’re a little stunned by my quick response. I head to the food court, getting something to eat and sitting near some other people, hoping the idiotic teens wouldn’t do anything stupid in a crowded area. I note the two punks coming over again.)

Punk #1: “Hey, look, there’s my Playstation!” *grabs for the bag*

Me: *pulls the bag away from him*

Punk #2: “B****!” *grabs my hand, twisting it and slamming it into the table*

(They’ve attracted a customer’s attention by now.)

Customer: “Hey! Get away from him!”

(The two teens run off, guffawing stupidly.)

Customer: “You okay? You know those kids?”

Me: “I’m all right, thanks. And no, I don’t know them.”

Customer: “I saw you earlier. Were those kids following you?”

Me: “Yeah, for the past hour. They also waited for me outside a shop.”

Customer: “Hang on.” *to his wife* “Sweetie, can you help me watch him? Make sure those kids don’t come back.”

Customer’s Wife: “Okay.”

(The customer leaves while his wife and I chat. He returns with two security guards.)

Security Guard #1: “So, we heard something happened. Can you explain it to me?”

(Security Guard #2 went off with Customer to grab the two punks, who were ordering food like nothing happened. I gave the full, detailed story, Customer #1’s wife backing me up as a witness, along with some other passerby. He then made sure that I’m safe before calling the police. End result: The two teens were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, attempted theft, assault, then on top of it all, banned for life from the mall!)

Question of the Week

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