Let It Go Or Be Let Go

, , , | Working | January 12, 2021

I’ve booked a large party for my birthday meal at a pricey but nice restaurant. It’s mostly celebrating my recovery from a traumatic illness. The booking is for thirty adults and my toddler daughter; this was specified at booking and written on the booking. We’ve arranged a £40 per-person three-course menu and plan to set up a tab for a free bar. As we know the manager, we are only charged a £50 deposit for the whole thing.

The night arrives and my husband and I go to the restaurant thirty minutes early with our daughter to set up the tab. As we go in the new manager rushes over and loudly exclaims:

New Manager: “No children! This is an adult-only venue!” 

Husband: “No, sorry, we’re booked in as the party of thirty; she is on the booking.”

New Manager: “No! That’s not possible! I don’t allow children here! You’ll have to take her home!”

Husband: “And do what, exactly?! Leave her with the dog? Look, we are booked in for the function room for thirty people; she won’t even be in the main restaurant.”

New Manager: “Are you deaf?! No means no! Sort out your brat or leave!” 

Me: “Darling, that’s fine.” *To the manager* “Sure, we’re leaving. Just to confirm, though, none of our party will be coming here now. You will not have another penny from us, and you believe me, I will make sure this gets back to the owner.”

New Manager: “You can’t threaten me! You have to pay the balance! You can’t cancel!” 

Me: “You either apologise for this scene and allow my daughter or we are leaving and you can explain why you’ve lost all out on our money tonight.”

New Manager: “She’s not coming in here! You have to pay or I’ll call the police!”

Me: “Then call them. You have my contact details.” 

We left and had a rather squashed pizza party at our house, instead. Though I would have liked to go out to eat for the first time in ages, the pizza was good and my daughter had a blast. The owner called a week later and was so apologetic, offered us a free meal, and said the manager had been let go.

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