Se Habla Mexicañol

Pennsylvania, USA | Learning | May 8, 2013

(I’m in an introductory Spanish course. We are working in pairs to fill out information about different Spanish-speaking countries.)

Me: “Okay, so the capital of Mexico is Mexico City and the currency is the peso.”

Partner: “Uh… what’s the ‘language?’ Mexican?”

Me: *thinking he is joking* “Of course, ‘Mexican,’ since it’s not like we are in Spanish class or anything.”

Partner: “Whoa, I was right?”

One Headache Deserves Another

MN, USA | Learning | May 8, 2013

(I’ve been having a horrible day due to a failed test, an hour of sleep, and a headache. I get to my Economics class, where I get along well with everyone except for an annoying kid.)


Me: “[Annoying Kid], can you please be quiet? I’m trying to work.”

(The annoying kid continues screaming and starts singing the school song.)

Me: “[Annoying Kid], please be quiet. I have a bit of a headache and you aren’t making it better.”

(The annoying kid starts yelling to his friend that sits right next to him, who yells back.)

Me: “[Annoying Kid]!”

Annoying Kid: “You’re so mean and uptight!”

(Finally I’m fed up and I grab my book and wack him hard on the back of his head. The room gets extremely quiet.)

Me: “Would you idiots shut up, grow up and be a little more respectful of others?”

Annoying Kid: “Oh, [my name]! Why are you so mean? You might have given me a concussion!”

(At this point, our teacher walks in.)

Annoying Kid: “Miss [Teacher]! [My name] hit my head and gave me a concussion!”

Teacher: *looks between him and I* “D***, I wish I had seen it.”

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You’re On The Right Track Baby

| Sydney, Australia | Learning | May 8, 2013

(I’m a student teacher in a Year 3 class. Most of the children have just attended an Easter play run for the kids who attend Christian scripture lessons.)

Student #1: “Do you like the K-2 play or the 3-6 play better?”

Student #2: “The 3-6 play! There are less annoying songs.”

Student #1: “Yeah, the K-2 songs are really gay.”

Student #2: “That’s not how you use the word gay!”

(Needless to say, I was a little proud of Student #2!)

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Announcement: Have You Experienced The Mobile Bug?

Not Always Learning | Learning | May 8, 2013
Hey guys & gals, we need your help! Have you experienced the following bugs while visiting our site?

The MOBILE site shows while on my LAPTOP/DESKTOP.


The LAPTOP/DESKTOP site shows while on my MOBILE device.

If so, it would help us out a bunch if you fill out this bug report.

Doing so will help us track down and hopefully fix this issue. Thank you so much!

Be Sure To Copy The Right Copy

USA | Learning | May 7, 2013

(I am handing back test papers.)

Student: “Why did you give me zero?”

Me: “There were multiple versions of the test. You had the right answers to one of the other versions.”

Student: “I don’t get it.”

Me: “The answers to version A and the answers too version B were not the same.”

Student: “I still don’t get it.”

Me: “Is it possible that you might have looked at someone else’s paper during the test?”

Student: “Well, yeah!”

Me: “They didn’t have the same test as you.”

Student: “So I failed?”

Me: “Yes.”

Student: “But I’ve never failed before.”

Me: “Now you have.”

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