Social Grade Climber

| Learning | July 8, 2014

(Our professor is known to bully, tease, or intimidate students. He also states that grading starts at an ‘F’ and everyone must earn an ‘A.’ I am a senior and my project partner is very smart but meek freshman girl. I tell her that she should present our progress report.)

Partner: *nervously* “So my, uh, project is on…” *almost crying*

Professor: “This is too easy. Really now, who is your partner.”

(She points to me.)

Professor: “[My Name], did you make your partner present knowing she is so shy?”

(I just smile.)

Professor: “Get up here and explain your project.”

(I explain our project. Afterwards…)

Professor: “So you set her up knowing I would intimidate her.”

Me: “Yes.”

Professor: “And you knew I would give up.”

Me: “Yes. You are teaching sociology, after all.”

Professor: “Hmm, so really you were setting me up, Okay, for social engineering you earned an ‘A’, and your partner a ‘B.’ As for the rest of you, the bar is set, and you are still only at Cs.”

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