It’s Only A Good Idea When It’s The Boss’s Idea

, , , , | Working | August 14, 2020

The small nonprofit I work for has to close during the health crisis shutdown; however, we still have some online options available. My boss wants to change the home page of our website to better display them. I work full-time on marketing and do the occasional website update, but a coworker does website maintenance primarily.

Boss: “I’d like the website to look like [Similar Nonprofit in a different city]’s.”

Me: “I’m in a bit of a rush to get our online products out; can we try to work with the existing format for now?”

Boss: “Sure, let’s do that.”

The online content is released but it shows up a bit weird.

Boss: “I don’t like how it displays our products. I’ll ask [Our Contracted Website Company] to fix it.”

Me: “They would have to charge us for that and we’re trying to cut down on expenses. [Colleague] knows more about the website, so can you run it by her, instead? I’m a bit swamped marketing the online products.”

Boss: “Will do, thanks.”

A couple of days later, I call my boss to see where we are in general.

Boss: “I phoned [Our Contracted Website Company] and they can help us with the website. They said we can duplicate our existing skin for the new sections? I’m not sure exactly what that means. I’ll forward you the email they sent.”

I skim through the email and see an estimate of $250-500 for the update.

Me: “[Coworker] will be able to do this, and then we’re not paying extra for it.”

Boss: “Okay, can you ask her?”

Why couldn’t you have done that when suggested it two days ago?

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