How To OBtain GYNerosity

| Working | March 27, 2013

(I have been referred to an OBGYN office by the health department, which was supposed to pay for the visit. Due to a miscommunication, I have been stuck with a $200 bill. I call the OBGYN to see what can be done, as I can not afford to pay all $200 at once.)

Me: “So, what can we do about this? If I pay all $200 today, I can’t buy food this month.”

Employee: “Oh, I understand girl; I’m right there with you. Hang on a second… let me see what we can do.”

(She puts me on hold for a few minutes.)

Employee: “Okay, what can you pay today?”

Me: “It looks like I can pay half of it today.”

Employee: “And when do you get paid again?”

Me: “I just got paid, so it will be the end of this month or the beginning of next month.”

Employee: “Okay, I’m going to charge you the $100 today, and we’re going to call it even.”

Me: “…Are you sure?! Thank you… are you sure?”

Employee: “Yes, I’m sure. Tell you what: I’ll drop it down to $75 if you’ll make a deal with me. The next time you need a gynecologist, come to our office, and tell all your friends about us.”

Me: “Okay! Are you sure? Thank you so much!”

Employee: “I’m sure. I feel sorry for you! I’ll charge you the $75 and send you a receipt.”

(I am very glad to have spoken to this employee, who made a terrible situation much better! Thank you to her!)

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