How To Get Rid Of Pests

, , , | Working | February 21, 2021

I’m working a summer job at a family-owned and operated farm store and café. In the café, we have a large glass case full of house-made artisan pizzas. This store is in a very affluent neighborhood, so we often have customers who rarely step out of their ivory towers to mingle with us commoners.

A country-club lady is looking at our breads and pastries. I am waiting patiently for her to choose something. Suddenly, she starts shrieking.

Country Club Lady: “There’s a fly in the pizza case!”

I turn to see a lost little house fly trapped in the case.

Me: “Yeah, that happens.”

I should mention that this is an open-air store full of fresh produce and greenhouse plants. Oh, and right outside the open doors? THERE’S A FARM!

Country Club Lady: *Continues shrieking * “That’s completely unsanitary! I will not be buying a pizza!”

I turned away and rolled my eyes as I released the little fly. She flounced away and we never saw her again. Her loss. Those pizzas were good.

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